Our Story

Since the beginning, Healthy Food Ingredients has been driven by a genuine passion to live up to its name. We are growing, innovating and leveraging our deep expertise to ensure accessibility to healthy food to feed consumer demand for health and wellness.

Working together for good.

As we began to grow our family of brands, we were inspired by a time when neighboring farmers would gather to help each other bring in the harvest. They understood that sharing hard work, multi-generational know-how and respect for the land would benefit the entire community.

Today, we draw on that same spirit and belief in stewardship to accomplish our vision of nourishing lives with healthy ingredients. We share our innovative processes and deep expertise to ensure superior safety, stability and security from seed to the food that nurtures our lives. Together, we hold a genuine passion to live up to our name, Healthy Food Ingredients, in everything we do. So when we survey the horizon, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with each other and what we see is good. Good for business, good for people and good for the land.

Best. Assured.

Our Healthy Food Ingredients family brings the best brands and dedicated farmers together with the shared purpose of “Cultivating goodness.” This means whether you’re a long-term customer or new to our ingredients, you’ll benefit from our family values and commitment to delivering assurance. Across our brands and portfolio of ingredients, you’ll experience a collaborative team providing the highest caliber of expertise and innovative solutions. Rest assured, every interaction and ingredient has the guarantee of generations who stand tall and united. Healthy Food Ingredients is the new way of old-fashioned good!

Our HFI Family

Our Vision

Nourishing lives with healthy ingredients

Our Mission

To be stewards of the land and leaders in our market through innovative solutions connecting farmers to the foods that nourish and sustain our lives.

Premium Quality

We are passionate about our work and take great pride in consistently providing safe, premium-quality ingredients and expertise.

Superior Service

We build lasting, genuine relationships with our customers, suppliers and within our HFI family through our promise to exceed expectations with outstanding responsiveness.

Family Culture

We nurture a family culture that values everyone, from farmers to customers. Like extended family members, we respect and care for one another, always.

Innovation for Good

We are driven to make healthy ingredients more accessible globally. We actively explore ways to expand our ingredients and their applications through innovation and strategic partnerships.

Unwavering Integrity

We are committed to doing the right thing every time. Maintaining the trust of our HFI family, growers, manufacturers, consumers and the community is paramount.

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