Suntava Purple Corn™ Flaxseed Sourdough Bread Recipe



Mixing and Gluten Development
  • Holding some of the water back, thoroughly mix the ingredients in a bowl. Add the held back water slowly and only if it's needed to incorporate the dry ingredients. Cover and let the dough rest 30 minutes.
  • Coil fold the dough several times until it tightens, then let it rest about 30 minutes. Repeat the coil folding and resting 1-2 more times.
  • This dough will take longer than most to ferment (12 or so hours at 65F) because of the oil in the flaxseed meal. I stopped the bulk fermentation after the dough had doubled.
Pre-Shape, Bench Rest and Shape
  • Scrape the dough out onto a lightly flour countertop and shape it into a ball, seam down. Cover and let it rest for 20-30 minutes.
  • Flour the top of the rested dough ball and flip it over. Shape the dough into a boule or batard, place it into the proofing basket seam-side up, and cover.
Final Proof
  • Let the dough proof 1-3 hours at room temperature or 10-14 hours in the refrigerator (or a combination of room and refrigerator proofing).
Scoring and Baking
  • Preheat your baking vessel 30 minutes at 500F.
  • When the oven and dough are ready, flip the dough onto parchment paper, brush it with flour and score it.
  • If you want to do a complicated score, trace lines with cooking string across the dough to create sections. Make cuts in the center of the dough and then work your way around section by section. 
  • Load the dough into the baking vessel, cover and bake:
  • 20 minutes at 500F
  • 10 minutes at 450F
  • Remove the lid and bake for 5-10 more minutes.
  • The internal temperature of the bread should be 205F or higher. Let it cool at least an hour before cutting.

Recipe adapted from: breadtopia®

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